What Lies Behind IAEC

Mastering the Spirit of the Aircraft Industry

IAEC is a community where aviation executant especially aeronautical engineering personnel from several realms such as academics, researchers, practitioners, as well as business people gather. By combining all realms from the aviation industry, it is expected that Indonesia will mastering the spirit of the aircraft industry more easily and effectively. Therefore it is very possible to evoke the self-reliance passion of national technology in the aviation industry

Trying New Approach

IAEC is bearing a huge and complex mission in restoring the self-reliance in the aircraft technology. The basic idea carried out by IAEC is very diametrically different with what has been previously done in Indonesia for decades to build a self-reliance nation in the aircraft technology, from an approach of centralized and top-down changed to become a participatory approach from bottom-up..

Strategic Partnership

"Being a Global Partner in Engineering for Aircraft Industry ". The keyword of IAECs’ vision is a "global partner" and "aircraft engineering ". Which mean, partnership with global aircraft industry is the way to master all engineering aspects as the spirit of the aircraft industry. This vision is offered to be able mastering the latest aircraft technology even if Indonesia as a nation does not have its own national program of aircraft development.

Preparing the Ecosystem

Bottom-up approach is very essential to condition the grass-root business level to support in the aircraft industry. They are the ones who are going to fight at the detail level and shall secure this initiative. Without them, how will global aircraft manufactures believe that Indonesia have reliable and capable human resources to accomplish available engineering packages. This shall become a justification to open an Engineering Center for those global players in Indonesia. Preparing such ecosystem is a concrete step to-bring-in reality of the dream to build self-reliance technology in the aircraft technology.