Note from IAEC Chairman Hari Tjahjono

IAEC Chairman Hari Tjahjono

Network Fostering, Aeronautical Ecosystem and Technology Innovation in Indonesia

Indonesia has proven itself as a nation that is able to execute its own aircraft development starting from design up to production. However since the termination of the national aircraft development program N250, the aircraft technology development seems not going anywhere. One major cause is that the development of aircraft technology was concentrated on a single business entity only, and has not fully utilized the wide-ranging national potential, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

To recover the situation, some small and medium businesses in aeronautical engineering together with Aviation Technology Center (Pustekbang), LAPAN, initiated the IAEC (Indonesia Aeronautical Engineering Center). IAEC is an association of aeronautical engineering companies formed together to foster an engineering networking, and technology innovation ecosystem in Indonesian aeronautical industry. Another goal of IAEC establishment is to mastery the aeronautical technology and evenly spread in many companies, especially those in the category of small and medium enterprises.

With the spread of mastery in aeronautical technology to numerous companies, it is expected that the national aircraft development program could run better. That kind of scheme takes place in countries where the aeronautical industry is already advanced. So the development of aircraft technology is not centralized and top-down structured, but also participatory and bottom-up involving the supporting industries, in cooperation between industries of engineering, manufacturing and maintenance. Thus, the trickle-down effect and the technology spillover of the national aircraft industry for a national economic development could be more pronounced.

Words from IAEC Chairman, Hari Tjahjono

After the aeronautical engineering industry ecosystem grows well, engineering companies are expected not just involved at the national level, but also be able to move at global level. Opportunities in aeronautical engineering at the global level are tremendously huge, as the global aircraft industry is implementing the strategy of risk-sharing by outsourcing most of the work to the independent aircraft engineering companies. Indonesia with its experience in developing previous national aircraft such as CN235 and N250, have an enormous opportunity to be the prominent player in a global scale.

IAEC will fill the lack of the national aviation industry puzzle especially in aeronautical engineering. IAEC will complement INACOM and IAMSA who had first attended revive the aircraft component manufacturing and aircraft maintenance in Indonesian aeronautical industry. IAEC, INACOM and IAMSA will cooperate and work together to advance the national aeronautical industry, so that the entire line of the industry both in terms of engineering, manufacturing and maintenance will be explored properly.

To reach the big dream of aeronautical engineering, IAEC will establish a strategic partnership with all stakeholders in the aeronautical industry, both at national and global level. This strategic partnership is required in order to give engineering companies to access not just the latest aircraft technology, but also to have an access to the aviation markets both nationally and globally.

Domestically, the IAEC will establish strategic partnerships with companies such as PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI), PT Regio Aviasi Industi (RAI), Garuda Maintenance Force (GMF), and others. For the global market, the IAEC are actively pioneering strategic partnership with the global aircraft industries. To possibly make the partnership going sustainably, IAEC is conducting an intensive training for its members, so IAEC members shall be ready to establish a strategic partnership with the global aviation industry.