About IAEC

Initial meetings that leaded to formation of IAEC

IAEC (Indonesia Aeronautical Engineering Center) is an association of engineering services in aeronautical engineering. This association is formed to help to recover and boost the aviation business in Indonesia, particularly in the aeronautical engineering sector. One of its goals is to bring Indonesia back to its glorious time in aeronautical technology, where Indonesia has produced and flown its own aircrafts such as CN235, N250 the first subsonic speed aircraft using fly by wire technology and Helicopters.

Some invitees and guests attended IAEC soft launch

Despite global uncertainties, appetite for air travel continues to grow, creating countless opportunities for aviation business especially to aircraft industries. Aircraft manufactures such as Airbus and Boeing have projected that over a third of worldwide aircraft deliveries will go to Asia in the next two decades and expected by 2031 Asia Pacific’s fleet meets 13.500 aircrafts.

The industry may be dominated by large and well established global player like Airbus and Boeing who build the aircraft, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce who build engines, but there are numerous supply chain for components, parts and subsystem possible to be engaged ranging from very small enterprises to large corporations all over the world.

Inaguration of IAEC building

To anticipate this condition, Indonesia shall be well-equipped to capture the demand for aviation-related services from this market. Therefore IAEC is building an ecosystem of aircraft stakeholders and industries to achieve a new approach in Indonesia to re-mastering the aircraft technology and industry through engineering. Aircraft projects tend to be complex and usually have very long lead times. A strong emphasis on team organization and structure will help leading in this industry. Therefore IAEC as an association gathers several enterprises from very small to large to become Indonesian aircraft supply chain. IAEC shall manage, assist and open opportunities to this supply chain and support the aircraft industry in Indonesia.

Since the financial crisis in 1997, many of precious Indonesian aircraft engineers are spread-out in world class aircraft industries globe wide, and this gives IAEC an opportunity to build an international co-operation with leading industries like Airbus, Boeing, Dornier, Bambardier, Embraer etc.