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Missler software

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Missler Software, a leading global supplier of CAD, CAM and ERP solutions, is ranked the number 2 CAD/CAM supplier in France and in the Top 10 worldwide. The company provides an integrated software solution for product design, manufacturing and data management. The company?s product lines include TopSolid, TopSolid'Erp and GOelan. Missler Software offers a uniquely integrated solution for the mechanical engineering industry (general mechanical design, special machinery, tooling, boilerwork ?) and for sheet metal and wood industries. Having started selling outside the domestic French market in 1997, today 60% of all company licenses are sold internationally. With annual sales exceeding more that ?24 million, the company employs 216 staff and runs 4 development centres. Missler Software resellers (more than 70 worldwide) are located in Europe, Asia Pacific, North and South America. Today, more than 8000 customers around the world use TopSolid.

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