Portelli productions

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Portelli productions

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PORTELLI PRODUCTIONS are experts in the transformation of polyurethanes to provide foam's parts (soft integral skin foam or rigid structural foam) with high finishing quality level. With 30 years of experience in integral skin polyurethane foam and thanks to our unique moulding technology, we are able to mold complex design and to produce amazing imitation (copy of leather, sewing, metal, wood, carbon, ...) to a very high standard. For aeronautic's market, we supply foam's parts for all types of interiors Airbus cockpit and many other products for aircraft seat's manufacturers (armrest, bumpers for shells, headrests, ... for technical's seats and cabine seat's passengers). We also manufacture technical foam parts for civil defence, military weapon, hospital furniture, luxury hotels and for industrial vehicles. Able to meet your equipments, our team will be pleased to work with you from the prototype phase to medium and long productions runs with professionnalism and flexibility

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Plastics and composites


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