Carbone forge

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Company Name:
Carbone forge

Main Activity: 
CARBONE FORGE designs and manufactures long-and short-fiber composite parts using thermoset and thermoplastic resins with a hign level of complexity and precision. - Moulding of monolithic structures of advanced composite applications using continous fiber reinforcements, - Control of the fiber orientations and fiber volume ratio of the consolidated parts, - Development of hybrid composite structures with metallic inserts integrated during the moulding phase, - Finished parts to the moulding operation without post-moulding machining, - Design, dimensioning and numerical simulation (FEA analysis) for the predictability of performance, - Treatment thins films coatings, for tribological effect, electromagnetic shielding, photovoltaic coting or anti-lightning on many substrates (composites, carbon, Kevlar, glass, etc...).

Main Activity

Design & Build

Technological Competencies

Plastics and composites

Painting, coatings and surface treatments


ISO 9001