Diatex sas

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Diatex sas

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Based near Lyon, DIATEX is specialized in technical fabrics and supplies all types of bagging materials used in vacuum process in composite parts production. DIATEX set ups its production site in the Rh?ne-Alpes region, at the heart of textile industry, to facilitate close quality control from start to finish. Concerned about environmental protection issues and the health of products users. DIATEX manufactures of range of bagging materials which respect REACH standards and Oeko Tex Certification. DIATEX's success is founded on a thorough knowledge of its customers needs and an innovative approach towards the development and manufacture of products that make their job easier. In addition of ISO 9001 certification DIATEX can be placed among the leading certified suppliers to the aerospace industry thanks to EN 9100 Certification.

Main Activity

Design & Build

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Plastics and composites


Industrial process (machines)


ISO 9001