Onera - centre de modane avrieux

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Onera - centre de modane avrieux

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Onera is the French aerospace research center. It is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Defence. Onera is the leading French actor for the aeronautics, space and defense research. It plays a role of expert for the State and industry on all the matters in its field, it gives a prospective vision for anticipating the technological breakthroughs which prepare the future. The contribution of Onera to industry is essential for minimising the risk on new programs, to allowing the industry to develop highperformance products that will beat the international competition. For this Onera has world class design tools : computational software at the highest level (for example elsA aerodynamic calculation platform) and very large test facilities (the wind tunnels). The Modane center has an unmatched worldwide windtunnel suite with all the speeds ranging from Mach 0.1 to Mach 15. More than half of the European windtunnels are located in this center. For 60 years Modane windtunnels have provided services to industry and represent essential means for Airbus, Dassault, Snecma, MBDA, as well as for users like Arianespace. All major aircraft programs have used the windtunnels of the Modane center. This center also hosts a worldwide customer base. The Modane windtunnels are a major contribution to the development of weapon systems. Many developments in metrology and testing techniques are carried out internally by the engineers at the Modane center

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